Now that I’ve described some of my recent daily routine, I’d like to change subjects, to wit; how much longer should I expect to lie here in this hospital bed? I have felt increasingly tired all summer long, so tired I sometimes felt I might take my last breath at any minute. But, I very much wanted to see Kathy, Todd, Emily and Paula once again. Maybe those desires helped me stick with the program until the kids arrived. It was simply delightful for me they staggered their visits  throughout those two weeks! At two&one-half Emily is as always tearing around exploring new things she picks up. Kathy’s visit was thankfully several days longer, and she was a great help to Heidi with the “patient.”  Kathy had great fun videoing my reminiscing of Boy Scout and my Marine Corps days.

Kathy & Bob

Kathy & Bob in mid-October 2016

My voice has grown much weaker. It takes energy to talk, in-person or on the telephone. We use a wheel chair to move me from my hospital bed to my recliner chair and back again. I have just enough arm strength to “help” move my body in and out of the wheel chair. An aide comes from Hospice twice a week to give me a sponge bath. The small dose of morphine, taken just before bedtime, keeps my stomach pain under control for 24 hours. But, the opioid interferes with my vision and causes constipation. My lack of appetite continues.  Heidi does come up with things that do taste good once I start eating them.  She is my angel.

Hospice #3

Thursday, the 20th
Last night I slept peacefully in my new bed. I’m no longer interested in “why”  this combination of medicines work, just delighted for the night’s sleep.
I slept in again to 9:30 Friday morning.
Stacy brought home crab for lunch from a local seafood shop. A cup of crab soup, a few bites of a fresh pear and two small bites of chocolate “wacky cake” made lunch today. I felt full afterwards. Todd, Paula, and Emily arrive late tonight from SoCal. Emily is now in the terrible-twos. We’ll see how much hub-bub she can create
Friday night I slept well again. Still dieting having hot tea oatmeal for breakfast.  Saturday morning I slept in again. I could hear Miss Emily when  I awoke. We enjoyed time with for the rest of the morning. Se loves playing with the big legos.  I had broth, but pretty soon I found myself loosing my lunch. I took a Zolfran – anti-nausea and went back to bed.
Morphine can make one constipated. The array of laxatives I had been taking finally worked. I slept comfortably thru the rest of the night.

Todd, Paula,Emily and Bob - October3, 2016

Todd, Paula,Emily and Bob – October3, 2016

Stacy and her family came down from Leesburg on Sunday. It was a good family day. Heidi made a video of Emily’s visit to feed the fish in the pond at the entrance to our neighborhood.  Emily entertained us all singing and counting.  We all enjoyed her before he went downstairs for her nap.  Today Todd, Paula and Emily left for CA – Kathy lands at 9 pm.

Hospice 2

Today Dan told us liquid morphine and lorazepam were not a problem to use at the same time.   Yet last night I think I experienced just such a case. Last night I fell asleep promptly. When I awoke around12:30, I  felt as though I had been sleeping soundly for a long time.  I had little sleep the rest of the night and dreamed many strange dreams. I also managed to strain what’s left of my upper torso muscles with the usual result of a very painful rib cage muscles needing the heating pad.  At 4:00am Heidi gave me another dose of morphine.  I went back to sleep. When I awoke at noon Dan and has crew were setting up a hospital bed for me.

Bob seemed pretty out of it this morning which was a worry.    His aid came at 9:00 and helped me prepare the bedroom for the hospital bed.   At 11:00 Dan (nurse) checked in said his pulse was good and offered to see him tomorrow.  I got him into his hospital bed and the remote control makes changing position easy as well as sitting up.  He ate broth, crackers a    nd tea.  He began working on this post as I made arrangements for his daughter Kathy to arrive on Monday instead on the following Sat.  It took me three agents to get the job done.  She will stay for a week and we welcome her love and support.  Bob ate his chicken soup watching the PBS new and business.  Stacy will be with me tomorrow helping me prepare for Todd,Paul and Emily’s arrival.   Over the weekend her older girls eager to be of service in entertaining 2 ½ year old Emily.  We are gratefully look forward to our CA children’s visit.

Thank you for you caring words and support.
Heidi and Bob