Welcome to my blog!

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain…”  Vivian Greene

This piece of electronic journaling is now (Winter 2016) about to enter its seventh year. I plan to continue writing aperiodic updates on my disease for two reasons:
1. “Cutting edge” clinical treatment – the treatment program shaped (and reshaped) by my medical team over the last twelve years has enabled me to cope reasonably comfortably with a very aggressive case of metastatic PCa (now called metastatic castration resistant PCa) long after the medical statistics would have put me under. Writing these pages is therapy for me; if this blog can help others with less serious cases realize that this disease can, at least, be managed, then I will feel doubly rewarded for my efforts.
2. The need for patient-to-patient assistance is still urgent. Ill-informed articles appear constantly in the media. Many in the physician community seem to be paying too much attention to statistics to justify such things as reducing administration of the simple screening test for PCa; they have lost touch with patients as people. Newly diagnosed men are “hustled” into an intervention, like radical prostatectomy, long before they understand the nature and extent of their disease and/or take time to sort through the options.

Organization of the blog – In addition to this WELCOME page, there are: (1) two other “static pages“, one titled NEWLY DIAGNOSED?? and the other BOB’S SOAP BOX, and (2) a blog page – BOB’S PROSTATE CANCER BLOG. The page for the newly diagnosed contains some suggestions to help men in that position check out their “grip” on their disease. My soap box page contains my rants-n-raves about medical care for men with PCa. The blog page contains my aperiodic posts under the topics of QUICKIE UPDATE, RECENT PROGRESS, BOB’S EXPERIENCE and CHRONOLOGY. Quickie Updates are usually just that – many of my readers want only to know generally how things are going and what sort of “quality-of-life” my wife and I are enjoying these days. Recent Progress – Others are interested in the “science project” aspect of this journey. I am a walking biochem lab. These posts contain charts of how my PSA and other markers are changing in response to the ever changing treatment programs, and other tidbits. Posts under Bob’s Experience describe my schemes for coping with the side effects of chemotherapy. The Chronology post is a running description of my journey these past twelve years.

Disclaimer – This blog is meant to contain the experience of prostate cancer (PCa) patients and survivors. And, information placed here is intended simply to benefit others. I have no medical training and intend to describe only what I have come to understand from my own experience.